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Traditional Martial Arts core Philosophy and training methods come primarily from Taekwondo.  That being said we realize and employ techniques that have been handed down through the ages from varied Traditional Martial Arts Systems.

The roots of our school however are in Taekwondo and we trace our lineage back to Kongsoodo through Kangdukwan and Jidokwan two of the original five early Taekwondo Kwans or schools.

As a student of Traditional Martial arts you will be required to adhere to our Do Jang Rules as a matter of self respect and respect to your teachers and our school.  Discipline is a integral part of our training and philosophy.  We discipline because we value and respect our students as individuals versus punishment for failure to perform or to meet standards.

The course of instruction at Traditional Martial Arts again has its foundations in the traditional Taekwondo Schools of Korea.  As a student you will learn Poomsae or Forms traditional martial art patterns. Hoshinsul or Self Defense, ranging from hand techniques to knife, Gun and capture/control techniques.  Kyorugi or Free sparring and finally Kyukpa or breaking.











 Master S. J. Demko

Head Instructor Mrs. Demko

 Senior Instructors Mr.Kliment & Mr. Tepfenhart




Our school is based on the Five tenets of Tae Kwon Do; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

ur Instructors are Master S.J. Demko, Mrs. Barbara Demko Head Instructor, Mr. Dave Kliment Senior Instructor and Mr. Paul Tepfenhart Senior Instructor.

(please see the Instructors page and Master Demko’s page for Bio’s).



We are located at 6624 Engle Road, Middleburg Hts. Ohio 44130.



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